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更好的团队。 更好的领导力。 更高的生产效率。


伯克曼方法是一种久经考验、科学可靠和有效的个性和感知评估方法。我们在组织心理学方面的创新通过洞察数百万人的动机兴趣、职业行为和根深蒂固的视角, 帮助他们取得更大的成功。我们强大的数据开发的行动, 使我们的客户能够在人类成就的一些最伟大的壮举中取得成功。这就是为什么伯克曼是太空探索、航空到油气勘探等一些最大品牌的值得信赖的合作伙伴, 也是夺金运动队的非营利组织的值得信赖的合作伙伴。 (

Better Team.  Better Leadership.  Better Productivity.

Birkman Personality Assessment


The Birkman Method - Behavioral Assessment of Leadership and Organizational Talents


The Birkman Method is a time-tested, scientifically reliable and valid assessment of personality and perception. Our innovations in organizational psychology help millions of individuals, leaders, and teams achieve greater success through insights into their motivational interests, occupational behavior, and deeply-rooted perspectives. Our powerful data develops actions that empower our clients to succeed in some of the greatest feats in human achievement. That’s why Birkman is the trusted partner for some of the biggest brands in technology to space exploration, aeronautics to oil and gas exploration, and nonprofits to championship-winning sports teams. (

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