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Canary College London UK

TQUK Level 5 Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management (under registration)

Canary Vocational Education offers Ofqual Level 6 Diploma in Hospitality Management to adult learners and supervisors and managers in the international hospitality industry.  Completion of Level 5 Diploma is equivalent to the 2nd year completion of a 3-year bachelor's degree in Hospitality or its equivalent under the British qualification framework.

TQUK 英國國家認可資歷(5級)酒店及旅游業管理文凭 (注册中)
加能职业教育为国际酒店业的成人学习者、主管和管理人员提供高级酒店管理文凭。 完成5级文凭相当于英国资格框架下的酒店或同等专业的三年制学士学位課程第二年完成。

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