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加能国际教育及培訓集团("加能教育集团" 或"加能") 是成立于2009年的訊樂人力集团的子公司。   加能教育集团的使命是成为领先的商业教育集团。加能教育(Canary Education) 这個任务的啓發灵感来自欧洲国际金融中心所在的英國伦敦金丝雀码头(Canary Wharf)的巨大成功。  加能教育集团的定位是成为世界一流的在线高等教育机构, 为成人学习者提供服务。加能教育有四个主要职业教育重点: (1) 酒店教育;(2) 商业教育;(3) 房地产和建筑环境教育;(4) 音乐及表演艺术教育。此外, 加能还为亚洲企业提供企业培训和职业技能培训。

Canary International Education and Training Group (Asia and China)


Canary International Education and Training Group ("Canary Education Group" or "Canary")is a subsidiary of Sloane Manpower Group which was established in 2009.    The mission of Canary Education Group is to be a leading business educational group.  This mission was inspired by the great success of Canary Wharf London where the European International Financial Center located.   Canary Education Group is positioned to be a world-class online tertiary vocational education institutions serving the adult learners.  Canary has four major vocational education focuses: (1) Hospitality Education; (2) Business Education; (3) Real Estate and Built Environment Education; and (4) Music and Performing Arts Education.  Besides, Canary also offers Corporate Training and Vocational Skills Training to Corporate in Asia.

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